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Dance Moms ( 10 minutes ago )

nakedheart : Love, Love, Love Chloe. My heart goes out to her. Jill and the other moms from ALDC (at least they didn't air it) fail to admit how they attacked first directly calling Chloe, not the parent. a 'studio hopper'. SMH I really didn't care about anyone else's feelings (not even the other kids at that moment) except for Chloe's. At anytime, someone could have stepped in and said, "clean slate", shook hands and acted like mature adults. But no they and the producers wanted that drama. On another note, I think all the dancers did well. I just think new choreographer went too strong too soon. I think if she dials back her style some, she'll get the results everyone is used to and expecting. I am happy with the outcome and in the future I do hope Chloe is able to dance with the OJ's just not with Abby, that may not be healthy. Idk if there still some legal issues.

Cinematic Titanic: Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks ( 12 minutes ago )

annelapham : Listen to hilarious one-liners and comedy instead of the actual movie. As you watch, it feels like you are in a darkened theater with shadows of these wisecrackers in front of you. Enjoy the pop culture references, sarcasm, famous quotations, and surprises ----too many to mention. 10/10 even if you could care less about Frankenstein like me.

Shooter ( 13 minutes ago )

maude52 : She isn't very smart for a wife of a soldier that is under attack! She acts like she should have a normal life..!?! She should be a lot more wary of strangers and be on the look out for danger continuously. She is way too emotional to make any right decisions either or to support her husband's crusade to kill the killer that is threatening their lives... That part is quiet annoying and overall this series is getting dumb too. I'll keep watching but don't know for how long.

Prison Break ( 16 minutes ago )

Eigyr : wow so many curve balls in this one, supernice, and T bag calling for help LOL

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath ( 21 minutes ago )

Rapunzel28 : I am convinced that David Miscavige is mad.

FTW ( 37 minutes ago )

malaysiaboy : Good movie. Interesting to watch. Simple storyline but done in an entertaining way.

The Challenge ( 42 minutes ago )

locomojoboy : Wow who would have thought the Challenge would have the biggest snowflakes on television? So Jemme gets to talk shit and offend 3 other people, but when she gets it back....CALL THE COPS, A HATE CRIME HAS JUST BEEN COMMITTED. Then Jemme plays the poor victim and cries in a corner, while Anessa and the rest of the house gets butthurt over the fact the Jemme can dish it, but cant take it?! I never cared much for Jordan, but I support Jordan's right to say what he wants. It's called the First Amendment, and his free speech does not end where their, or your, feelings begin. And the fact that he's disabled gives him EVEN MORE OF A RIGHT to say what he said. It's the same way that blacks believe they can call other people n*gga, while non-blacks cant. What a joke. And for Ammo to cry about it like that...he should have never been on this show in the first place.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath ( 48 minutes ago )

Ravenousbird : It's not at all surprising that a cult that preys on adults, would have sexual predators that are preying on children. WTF are those parents thinking giving up their small children?? This is outrageous. I do believe that Leah will follow through. She's made of steel and she won't back down.

Starred Up ( 51 minutes ago )

Deckster : I watched this again and its staying in my favourites, top quality film!

Alone in the Wilderness ( 52 minutes ago )

Redkneck : Don't Bother with the YouTube Link its a Ad Video only containing Part of the Original

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 1 hour ago )

nani012 : omfg! Peggy is so the voice of reason this season! I hope they don't corrupt her. I'm so sick of Tamra and Ive BEEN sick of Shannon since her first season. They complain about the same crap every episode. Bring in more new People to shake this crap up! Andy needs to do a massive overhaul! Tamra acts like she wasn't talking about Meghan the same time, like she didn't play with Gretchen's emotions, like she didn't dig at Kelly, and like she didn't tell lies and spread rumors about Shannon just two seasons ago. Like come on and shut up!

Game of Thrones ( 1 hour ago )

sweetvamlove : Everybody is hating on Sansa, but this episode is Arya that got me really angry .. I mean she is acting like she is the only one that had a difficult past. Like she is the only one that had chalenges to overcome. And like her choices were the only right ones to make. She doesn't know what Sansa had to see, feel, be, to survive and not to loose herself. Just like Sansa doesn't know what Arya had to do and what happened to her. But you know what ... Sansa isn't the one judging here. Well maybe only because of the masks that she just found in Arya's room. But hey .. shure, hate on Sansa all the way. She is still one of my favourite characters in the show.

The Strain ( 1 hour ago )

luvlinguae : Poor little Zack got a lesson in the Friendzone. Hahaha. Better to learn it when you are young.

Married at First Sight: Second Chances ( 1 hour ago )

malloryor : I can see why Vanessa is single, like another poster said, she's very judgmental and based decisions off of preconceived notions. She has a low tolerance for compromise if it isn't about her, which is why her marriage with her ex, who was a really nice guy who did try, did not work out. She can be very combative and unyielding in working things out and the thing is, she has some nerve to be mad at Nathan when all she complains about is how men aren't acting like men, they're too submissive, too passive, you can't say that, then get offended if a guy says he likes to be dominant and have you be more submissive. The girl is just that a girl, who doesn't know what she wants.

Kings Row ( 1 hour ago )

annelapham : Interesting character study of small town children and their lives into adulthood. its my favorite kind of movie, so I'm prejudiced, and give it a solid 5/5.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath ( 1 hour ago )

Ravenousbird : Shocking. Seriously. I'm not any fan of Reality TV and honestly believe this belongs in the documentary category. I knew about this growing up in LA. It was bigger then, but less powerful. It's not Trump, or North Korea, or Putin any of us need to fear. It's allowing Cults like Scientology have so much unchallenged power.

The Ticket ( 2 hours ago )

sleuthsnoopy : Omg! This made me fall asleep! I didnt think I needed a nap until I started watching this. So if you don't mind sleeping...turn it on, lol

What Happened to Monday ( 2 hours ago )

p_jakob : Good movie, good story, must have been hard for the actor to play 7 main caracters at once, and sadly, horrible implications. Not for young daddies and mommies with weak nerves. My child is 19 months old and it nearly freaked me out. In this sense, maybe a bit over the top. Originality of story is not everything if it goes one step too far, thus no rating possible from my side.

Ink Master ( 2 hours ago )

Jetx : That team shouldn't have lost in the first challenge. Their tattoo's were WAY better than the other teams. As Christmastiger said, bummed about who went home. But hey I'm a viewer not a judge, Overall good episode.

Marvel's The Defenders ( 2 hours ago )

robin00 : The final shot of iron fist in the last episode would've been a great opportunity to showcase him in full costume looking bada** for once. but it was an opportunity wasted. still liked the show tho

Rough Night ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : It was okay. Most of the comedy felt forced and unnatural. The story was decent enough but it just didn't work for me. Still, I have an odd sense of humor so maybe others will like it.

The Profit ( 2 hours ago )

GrnGrnEyz : Kudos to anyone who could survive more than 5 minutes of this trainwreck. Horrible acting, music, and the quality is garbage (though that is not the fault of the uploaders)...impossible to bear

What Happened to Monday ( 2 hours ago )

Crashed13 : Another good movie that almost slipped by me because it was not on the featured list.

The Real Housewives of Orange County ( 2 hours ago )

nani012 : i hope Tamra has Dr. Dubrows number still bc she's well on her way to a uniboob, and her boobs are starting to show the bags within. She might be on a future episode of Botched. She's in great shape, but the chesticles are starting to look lumpy.

Marvel's The Defenders ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : As a television show it wasn't bad. I liked most of the characters and the story was interesting enough to keep me watching.

Marvel's The Defenders ( 2 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : You have to take this series for what it is ... a television show. This season had a full cast - some we've seen before and others were new. There were moments when I was totally into it, and then there were moments when I was easily distracted by something else. My advise is to take a peek, and be your own judge.

The State (UK) ( 3 hours ago )

miguel_alvarez : it's a great show yes, superb acting and writing. However, I feel at odds enjoying the show, is simply a show or more propaganda based, and their are scenes which can play in the favor of isis... hollywood and showbiz in general, need more younger writers

I Am Michael ( 3 hours ago )

missSylar : Damn, that ending scene was good

Vikings ( 3 hours ago )

Sarsaparilla : I wonder how much longer the series can continue. I am all for Bjorn's rule.

Rough Night ( 3 hours ago )

Tazergrrrl : Groan: the acting is SO subpar for the talent hired. First 10min demo's the collective investment in storyline and believability [0] the rest of it, you'll have to 'suspend disbelief' with a tow truck. Just sayin'. One can cut down lengthy story-drivel by starting the film at 20:min where the adventure launches with their first 'bump' (of course). Enjoy?

Halfway ( 3 hours ago )

GREGGWRIGHT : Beautiful tale of redemption, well portrayed, exceptional acting ... 9.5/10

Adam Ruins Everything ( 3 hours ago )

christmastiger : This episode was a bit darker than some of the other ones, but I ain't mad about it.

The Rover ( 3 hours ago )

tonydcomposer : To those that hated this film I say: I'm so glad your opinions don't govern the course of art. "Stupid" and "pointless" are words I'd use to describe your opinions of this piece. I say opinions and not criticisms because this infers a degree of critical thinking, something clearly under-exercised - at least when it comes to critical descernment of a film. If you don't understand it, it doesn't automatically make the film "stupid". On contrary, it means you're not able to string a single sensible sentence together in response to a piece of art that deserves far more respect than your petty inconsiquential viewpoints. About the film: If you're after a raw, direct narative that is paced in a slow and methodical manner, where destractions and spectacles are stripped away, leaving you with a clear and defining window into the bareness (both emotional and material) of a post-apocolyptic world - aspects of which relate to us now btw - then perhaps you might be moved by this film. If not, then take a risk and maybe you might take a breath and finally feel something outside of this iphone infested world. Food for thought.

Manhunt Unabomber ( 3 hours ago )

RoseRed3 : Wow, Fitz is just a snitch, weasel piece of sh!t on so many fronts.

Shark's Paradise ( 3 hours ago )

sunshinedaydreamz : Wow, I felt like I had taken a time machine back to the 80's, it was amazing to watch for that reason alone. It captured everything. The hair, clothes, music, atmosphere. The movie itself was not that bad. I just thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the 80's glory. Such a fun decade!

Naked Attraction ( 3 hours ago )

misterteee : not interested in the gay portion of this episode but, the first part was great !

Bachelor in Paradise ( 4 hours ago )

christmastiger : I'm so happy for Carly and Evan, and I would talk to Ben about his dog for hours.

Cry of the Banshee ( 4 hours ago )

primewires : Typical seventies sexploitation flick, repetitive and boring.

Shahs of Sunset ( 4 hours ago )

Aichaton : How can they be so mean and judgemental towards each other yet manage to remain "friends" is baffling to me...some of these relationships are toxic.

Being Mary Jane ( 4 hours ago )

SizzyLove : This was such an interesting eppy. Makes you think about relationships both young and old....

Wrecked ( 4 hours ago )

MontyFly : Somehow I just new where that bit on the beach was going. It was a bit obvious. Odd that I didn't see the ending bit that followed though. Good episode.

Wrecked ( 5 hours ago )

GeekGrl83 : This show is so dope ... Very funny i can't wait until we get a new season. Hopefully

Trust Me ( 5 hours ago )

springfield45 : Life goes full circle, now living in what you disdained.

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars ( 5 hours ago )

Fan64 : I actually like this one not a bad movie at all

What Happened to Monday ( 5 hours ago )

farzad13 : Wow Noomi is incredible. To think someone like Jennifer fucking Lawrence won an Oscar and she didn't. Bloody disgrace

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath ( 5 hours ago )

Ravenousbird : The first amendment NEEDS to be amended so that religious cults cannot have the protection of abuse being labelled as 'religious practices'. AND religions should NOT have a tax free status that allows them to accumulate massive monetary and/or property holdings. ANYTHING short of these two changes ensures that more abuses like these will continue.

The Monster Project ( 5 hours ago )

foreverloco : The black guy behind the camera is so fucking annoying.. Does he have to scream every fucking time he talks?

Vegas Strip ( 5 hours ago )

Tazman79 : That one black cop is a real tough guy with his mouth

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Dance Moms

nakedheart : Love, Love, Love Chloe. My heart goes out to her. Jill and the other moms from A ...

Cinematic Titanic: Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks

annelapham : Listen to hilarious one-liners and comedy instead of the actual movie. As you wa ...


maude52 : She isn't very smart for a wife of a soldier that is under attack! She acts like ...

Prison Break

Eigyr : wow so many curve balls in this one, supernice, and T bag calling for help LO ...

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

Rapunzel28 : I am convinced that David Miscavige is mad.


malaysiaboy : Good movie. Interesting to watch. Simple storyline but done in an entertaining w ...

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

Ravenousbird : It's not at all surprising that a cult that preys on adults, would have sexual p ...

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